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Some bakeries we visited while on holiday in Oregon and California

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Some bakeries we visited while on holiday in Oregon and California

We took a little driving holiday down to San Francisco, and stopped at some really nice bakeries while we were away.
I took some pictures! Couldn't resist!:

Pearl Bakery in Portland, OR (large pugliese!):

...and some more lovely breads, and macarons!:

Della Fattoria in Petaluma, CA:                                               The Pane Integral I had to buy:

...that Pane Integral was fabulous!...and Della Fattoria makes one of the best cups of coffee I've ever tasted :^)

Bouchon Bakery in Yountville, CA:
...and beautiful pastries and macarons here, too!:

little t american baker in Portland, OR:

...pretty danish (strawberry basil!), and a gorgeous coffee:

And of course we couldn't leave the Portland area without a visit to Bob's Red Mill, and thanks to Floyd's front page post, a trip across the street to Dave's Killer Bread (this bread is amazingly good - we brought some home!):

We enjoyed that Pane Integral from Della Fattoria so much I tried baking it today, with a combination of 85% high extraction, white whole wheat, whole rye and pumpernickel flours and 80% hydration (Mr. Ponsford's formula from the March 2011 BBGA newsletter; Shiao-Ping made a beautiful variation here). Della Fattoria was quite close to Central Milling so I was able to stop in and get some high-extraction flour :^)
Mr. Ponsford's formula makes good bread, lighter than Della Fattoria's; both are delicious!

Hope you enjoyed the bakery pictures!
Happy baking everyone,
from breadsong




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Thanks for sharing the photos and your comments. 

Enjoy that high-extraction flour from CM. If it's the one Glenn and I have been using, it makes pretty tasty bread.


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Hello David, Glad you liked the photos! Loving this flour already.
:^) from breadsong

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Great tour, Breadsong.  I'm very fond of the breads at Della Frattoria.

Enjoy the CM high extraction flour.  Your first bake with it is gorgeous!


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Thanks so much, Glenn! :^)

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Great photos.  You hit a lot of wonderful places.  I love little t and Pearl Bakery.

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Every place we visited had beautiful, delicious things.
You've got some great bakeries and talented bakers down there in Portland.
:^) from breadsong

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What a great trip!  Thanks for sharing!


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Hello Sylvia, It was a fun little road trip with lots of goodies to enjoy along the way!
Now it's back to reality - and back to the gym...!
:^) from breadsong

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Thanks for posting these Breadsong.

I always enjoy the TFL posts about bakeries visited on vacation

Best wishes


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Thanks Andy!
I'm glad you liked the photos. It was enjoyable to witness the quality and variety of bread and pastry!
:^) from breadsong