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What happened to the pizza post today?

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What happened to the pizza post today?

Someone posted a hilarious post about pizza, but it's gone.   It didn't seem to be spam, was it offensive to someone?   Granted it did have a couple of bad words in it...   I came back tonight to reply saying I laughed, but it's gone now.   Oh well.


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was it offensive to someone?

It was to more than a few folks who flagged it.

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Stephanie Brim

Bad language, and even lewd language, doesn't offend me. I lived on IRC for *years*, so you can probably guess that I saw a LOT of things. However, this site tends to draw both young and old alike and therefore should be kept as clean as possible.

Of course, that's just my thoughts on it.

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thomaschacon75 locked up. I tried to edit it and it said something like, "You do not have permission to edit this reply."

I thought I broke it and was quite concerned.

That's when I started drinking beer, and lot of beer, and then I magically forgot I did anything wrong.

Now I want pizza, for breakfast!