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Bugs on my Bannetons

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Bugs on my Bannetons

Recently I've been finding tiny bugs nestled into the cracks between the strips of cane on my bannetons.  To be honest, it's really disgusting.  I am meticulous about brushing the old flour off before I put them away, and I've never had this problem before.  But over the past few months,  it has become a consistent issue.  Luckily, the bugs are tiny and very slow, so it's easy to tap them off.  But it's still an unappealing situation.  I can't tell if the insects are coming in from the environment, or if they're coming from the flour itself.  Has anyone had this problem, and if so,  have you found a solution?

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My bannetons were fine until summer arrived, and little bug eggs appeared all over the bannetons. 

The solution is to bake the bannetons in the oven. This will kill any living thing on it. 

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Actually baking them never occurred to me.  I can give it a try.  Thanks.

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them off.  Actually a good source of protein  ;)




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I always give my bannetons a good rinse under very hot water after they're emptied. Then I upend them on the top of the stove while the bread is baking so the heat dries far no buggies!

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Sounds like you have weevils.  They are small and slow and look like they have a little snout.  Google a picture of one.  If you do have these then you have to find the source and get rid of it or they will invade your kitchen if they haven't already.  I had an opened bag of bird seed that became infested and had to clean my whole kitchen and throw away lots of stuff in my  pantry.  Weevils love grains - they use their little snout to drill holes in the grains and lay their eggs.   So, if you have any open bags of ANYTHING in you pantry the best thing to do is throw it away because the grains could be infested even if you don't see any bugs yet.  You have to get rid of everything that might be a food source for them and either throw it away or seal it up tight. Wipe down every surface with soapy water including shelves where food has been.  Since they love flour it is very possible they are in your supply somewhere.  Check everything and make sure you keep all your grains, flours, seeds and beans (including cereal) sealed up tight in containers with a lid.  It is a disgusting experience but it could happen to anyone. 

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After you've opened a bag of anything grainy, put a bay leaf or two into the bag or container.  They actually work in keeping the bugs at 'bay'.  I've put the leaves on my pantry shelves to keep them free of bugs, as well as in open containers of pasta or cereal.

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I really appreciate the information.  I must admit that Googling images of flour weevils was truly disgusting.  I store a lot of grains and flours, so any one of them (or at this point, all of them) could be the culprit.  I guess I have some work ahead of me.