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Parmesan Batter Bread - so easy, so quick

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Parmesan Batter Bread - so easy, so quick

Recipe is from KAF(, I used instant yeast rather than active dry, which means I could skip the "warm milk to proof" bit, and make the whole thing even easier. Also skipped the cream cheese on surface, since I didn't have any. Very delicious though, a good base for all kinds of add-ins, next time I will try green onion and bacon.


I highly recommend using a cast iron pan to make this, the crust is perfection


And a fluffy soft delicious crumb


Sending this to Yeastspotting.


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txfarmer, that surely looks good to a hungry man... I am off to see what KAF says..

Thank you for another one for the list ;-)


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You must be on vacation!  A new loaf a 'to bake list' just keeps expanding and expanding :-)

This looks like a great quick loaf that, like you stated, can go with a number of different add-ins for a quick and hearty meal.  No 2 days prep time needed here!  

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