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My First Kitchen Aid Artisan Wrecked!

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My First Kitchen Aid Artisan Wrecked!

After adding olive oil to the second try-out recipe for my ensaimadas a little too enthousiastic, my already quite developed dough literally launched out of the bowl. That in itself would not have been so bad, because i caught it :-)

My Kitchen Aid however didn't understand what was going on. Without any dough resisting,  suddenly it went into overdrive and... snapped!

I have already browsed around, and it seems my only option is to schlepp it back to the store... I recently bought it, so it should still have a working warranty. I guess that is the good news :-/

Do any of you guys know whether this sort of accident is covered?






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put Kitchen Aid in the search box above and you will be overwhelmed with people reporting problems.  They don't make them like they used to and haven't in many years.  

If you are lucky you can return it for a refund and buy something else (also there are many threads on mixer reviews, recommendations, experiences, etc)...

Good Luck!

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 Hi Freerk,

I recently wrote about my experiment of my Kitchen Aid mixer here :

-- Sorry, to see the video, it will take a while...

And, I found a informative post here:


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Karen Guse

They certainly do not make them like they used to.  I have just broken my 4th.  Imagining that dough flying out of the bowl made me giggle though, thanks!



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Commiserations on your broken Kitchen Aid, Freerk, but like Karen I also had a chuckle when I imagined that dough skewing out of the mixer.  Good catch!  Did you play rugby as a kid? :)



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Hey Syd!

It was a reflex! I wish I wouldn't have caught it... it was the time that it took me to put the dough somewhere before I could turn of the Kitchen Aid that wrecked it :-(


I still think it is not too serious. The motor still works, it's only the connex to the mixing element (or whatever you call that) that has broken or has come undone (or am I being foolishly optimistic?) I bought it only 3 months ago! Hopefully they will consider it a genuine accident and not "irresponsible use" or something...

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Sounds like maybe you didn't have the kneading blade or head of the machine in the locked down position.

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Could you clarify exactly what part of your kitchenaid "snapped?" (perhaps a photo?) That doesn't sound like something that should happen, even under the circumstances you described. Kitchenaids do seem to be prone to manufacturing defects, but the company is good about sending replacements. 

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I better not open it up myself... from experience I know that I'm really good at taking things apart, but putting them together again is a different story  :-)

It was bad luck: the dough hook was happily churning away, and slapping my dough around in the last stages of gluten development. The recipe called for olive oil to be added in the last stage. I should have known that this would seriously reduce the friction, but I didn't think straight :-/  The hook lost the dough, the dough came out of the bowl, the hook started to go in overdrive (not having anything to resist it any more) and that was the end of it :-(

The motor still runs fine though, so I'm hoping this will not cost me an arm and a leg...



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Hi Freek,

From what i understand a lot  of the Kitchenaids are now made in Asia, and it seems the quality has suffered.  There are a number still made in the US but i think that's only for the food processors.  If you are able to get your money back on it, and able to find a good sale on, (you might have to save up a few dollars more), i would buy a a Kenwood and if you ever need a food processor, the Magimix is superb, and is still made in France. Sorry to hear about your Kitchenaid, it did make me laugh!!..did you still manage to make any good bread?   :)

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I have a Magimix, but the tiny one (mini). I was really having a good time with my Kitchen Aid though... it worked fine for me


It happened towards the end of mixing my last batch of ensaimadas. I finished it by hand, grumbling and growling at my Kitchen Aid whilst doing so ;-)


So, I got my ensaimadas, but they may turn out to be the most expensive ensaimadas ever produced, grrrrr




p.s  Just got off the phone with the guy that sold it to me, and if it is what we both think it is, it's gonna cost me 120 €, grrrrrrrrr


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If you were working the dough at a speed of 5 or less, it should be under warantee.  At 3 months, you should not have to pay for a repair of this sort.  Based on your description, the issue is the result of faulty manufacture. 

I have a KA Artisan and the manual is pretty explicit that when mixing bread dough, one should never go above speed two. 

If the mixer was being operated at a higher speed, then it's very unfair to claim faulty manufacture.  

Freek didn't mention the speed he was using,  so it is quite possible the mixer shaft (or whatever part that snapped) was defective and upon examination by the seller, it will be under warranty.  I just wouldn't say a word about mixer speed.

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You were beating cake batter, upped the speed suddenly, and the thing snapped. You have no idea why this happened, and you're equal parts disappointed in the quality of the kitchenaid product and absolutely livid because somebody could have been badly injured by this failure. That's your story, right? ;-)

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If you bought it within the last year, you can return it and receive a free replacement with pretty much no questions asked.  It is way too easy.  Call there CS number. Speak to a rep.  They will ask you to fax them a copy of the receipt and a brief explanation of what happened.  I did this 2 months ago, and within 3 days a replacement mixer was delivered to my door.  Simply pack up the broken mixer into the box the new mixer came in and ship it back with the prepaid label supplied by KA.  Easily the best customer service I have ever experienced.  
Good Luck 

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I have done a lot of research... They have begun making them with metal gears again... but only certain models. If you chat with a Kitchenaid rep. they will tell you which one. Then just get the model number and verify with the. I found my Professional 5 Plus mixer on and got if for quite a steal, $289 plus a $35 dollar rebate. If has worked fine and I have made quite a few things in it, breads, buns, cakes, icing... etc. It took me about a month after all my research to find the right one. 

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My investigation is similar to yours: they are using metal GEARS, but the gear HOUSING is not metal.  This has now become the Achille's heel that the gears used to be.  If they would simply make them as Hobart did there would be no problems.  When will they learn?

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I'm assuming you are under warranty.  Call the 1-800 KitchenAid cusotmer service number, explain what happened and they will most probably ship you a new mixer by FedEx. You'll have to pack the defective mixer in the packaging that the new one came in and ship it back to them.  Just call FedEx and they'll come pick it once you've got it packed. KitchenAid's customer service is still U.S. based and are very helpful.


P.S. The Pro 6 works great as long as you don't go over six cups of flower.

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I agree that the Pro 6 is a great mixer, but definitely do not use more than 6 cups of flour and do not knead above setting #2.  I tend to check the top of the mixer with my hand while it is kneading to see if the motor is heating up.  Generally doesn't happen with a wet dough, but heavy, grainy doughs can be a problem.  If it starts to get warm, I finish by hand.  I know many people don't like the KA mixers, but if you treat them right they will last forever.  Follow the manufacturers instructions and you will be happy.  I don't overload my KA, just like I wouldn't take my Beemer offroad.

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Thanks for all the feedback! I'll know more Tuesday I suppose

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worse than having to return something that still should be my case it seems that on return day the weather is crummy, too.


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I killed my 20 plus year old KA this last year.  I think it was Lil Dices pizza recipe mostly & the bagels.

I bought a KA pro & don't use it past 2.  Everything comes out great.  I agree with PP call KA, if you were using it correctly you shouldnt have to pay.  Good Luck!