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Light Rye with Cumin and Orange

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Light Rye with Cumin and Orange

This bread is based on the light rye formula in "Bread", however, I skipped commercial yeast, and added cumin and orange for a middle-eastern-ish flavor. The pin-wheel shaping method was from wildyeast's blog here:

Light Rye with Cumin and Orange

*Makes 2X700g loaves

- Levain

medium rye flour, 136g

water, 108g

rye starter (100% hydration), 6g

1. Mix and rise @ room temp for 12 to 16 hours

- Final Dough

bread flour, 771g

salt, 17g

grated orange peel, from 2 large oranges

fresh orange juice, from 2 large oranges+enough water, 490g

cumin powder, 1TBSP

levain, 244g

2. Mix everything except for salt, autolyse for 20 to 60min, add salt, mix @ medium speed for 3-4 min until gluten starts to develope

3. Bulk rise at room temp (~75F) for about 2.5hrs. S&F at 30, 60, 90min.

4. Divide into two parts, round, rest for 20min, shape.

5. Proof on parchment paper or in basket until the dough spings back slowly when pressed, about 100min in my case.

6. Bake at 450F for 40 to 45min, the first 15min with steam.


The cumin/orange flavor is obvious but not overpowering, very delicious with chili or a nice soup.


The pinwheel shape is fun, but the batard came out pretty nice as well


Despite the complicated shaping, crumb remained to be open.


Sending this to Yeastspotting.


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I love the scoring on your batard.

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Thanks! I have been practicing this scoring pattern for a while.

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Not to mention that they make me hungry, as well LOL


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Thanks Ron!

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Wow, I still am astonished at how lovely your loaves always are! This isn't to say I think you're a bad baker, quite the opposite really, I think you are one of the best!

I have made that recipe quite a few times with success, but have never achieved the crumb success of TxFarmer :)

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You are too kind, I am sure your breads turned out just as well!

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Beautiful loaves. I love how your scoring on the batard complements the lines from your brotform.  

Thank you also for your detailed write up.  Makes following in your footsteps much easier!

Take Care,



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Thanks Janet, this light rye formula is a good base for adding your own flavors.

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This looks and sounds wonderful - thank you!

I'm interested in the amount of rye starter to make the pre-ferment - 6g only? What is the reason for so little starter?  I've around 250-300g of rye starter in the fridge! 

I'll try it anyway, with probably an overnight retard for the pre-ferment to allow for the rest of this to be done tomorrow...



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Did you see that the levain is left at room temp for 12 to 16 hours? That amount of time is enough for 6g of starter to mature the levain, yet still maintain a "not too sour" flavor profile. It's a "light" rye after all.

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Yes I saw the 12-16 hours - mine has been sitting on the counter for about 6 hours now...  I couldn't get 6g out to measure - ended up with about 18g!...  I'll keep an eye on it - the reason to mention a fridge retard is that I started this morning so would run out of time overnight (UK)...  Thanks lots for the feedback


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Well, my rye levain sat on the counter for 18 hours - and nothing!  Still a nasty lumpy mass...
It's really good to know - my rye starter is not very active!
Added a good big tablespoon of starter, and gave it a big stir, and waited

12 hours later, fed it with more rye flour and water - and made it a bit wetter than my usual 100% by weight

After another while - it's heading out of the tub!  Very very active starter - so thank you very much for the challenge!
Not sure if I can do this recipe yet, but I will save it and try again when my starter is sorted
thanks again

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Both look fabulous. You make it look easy but I'm sure that shaping those pin wheels requires lots of precisions and attention to details, which you excel at.

The flavour profile sounds really lovely too. I like the idea of orange zest and juice, must be quite subtle, yet nice.


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Thank Sue! I did like the flavor combo, not overpowering at all.

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love the pinwheel. More crust... Do you think it would work with baguette dough??



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Dont' see why not, but the complicated shaping and rolling would destroy some bubbles, which means the crumb won't be as open.

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Endless creativity, Txfarmer!

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You are a true master, a respected master, TxFarmer! What comes out of your hands it is always a piece of art, perfect in every way! I am so happy that you posted this recipe, cause I wanted to do it for a while now, but I didn't like the idea of yeast in the dough. For the time being, I'm obsessed with sourdough, and I imagine, (in an erroneous way, probably)  that yeast will produce an inferior quality of bread.

I have a few question, if you'll be kind to answer: first, the amount of orange juice replaces the amount of water given by hamelman, I suppose? It' hard to estimate by your description:"fresh orange juice, from 2 large oranges", but I asume it was 490ml (for an overall hydration of 66%) is that correct? And second question, when you eliminate yeast, don't you have to increase the amount of levain, only the time of bulk and final fermentation? 

thank you, codruta from Apa.Faina.Sare.

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Sorry I was not being clear, it should be orange juice from 2 oranges+extra water, so the total liquid is 490g.
After eliminate yeast, I just had to lengthen the rising time, didn't have to add more levain.