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My First Loaf!

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My First Loaf!

OK you guys, I'm kinda excited  - everyone knows the baker around here is Floyd, and with him doing all the breads, I haven't had to venture into the kitchen to deal with my mageirocophobia. I don't know what it is about baking but I have always tended to shy away from anything baked beyond the occasional cookie and cake.

For all that I'm on here every day for the last 6+ years, I still had never actually baked any sort of yeasted bread myself - I've only made simple quickbreads  -  one anyway: banana bread.

Well, Floyd and I have been working on a project for the last couple of weeks, which I'll let him talk about probably in the next week, but it required me to get over my fear of baking and get in there and bake my first loaf, all by myself.

And here is what I made :)

Well, it's nothing as pretty as Floyd's breads, and I know my shaping and scoring are ehehehe...leaving a lot to be desired,

but HEY! It's my first loaf! I am actually pretty psyched about it.


My dough was just a bit more sticky than I expected it to be - I had to be reassured that this was, in fact, OK...

Here's me kinda freaking out about the mess hahaha. And yes, I took the photo using the handle of my wooden spoon to click the shutter button on my camera which was sitting on the counter. :D

Also, what is it some kind of Murphy's Law or something, that the stupid phone will be silent all day right up until you've got your hands plunged into a big pile of sticky dough?

I think the lady on the other end thought my not-so-happy reaction about her call was because she was reminding me about a dentist appointment (which she'd forgotten that she'd already reminded me about anyway!), when in fact, it was just that I was not sure now how to actually hang up the phone and put the receiver down without getting myself stuck to the buttons.

How many of you pace when you put your loaves into the oven? I certainly did... like a new father-to-be at the hospital waiting for news from the doctor :)

But the news came out great, all things considered! Here's what you expert guys like to call "the crumb shot":

Obviously I have lots to learn, but not too shabby for a first time in the kitchen, eh?

And the kids were giving it thumbs up, and since they were raised on Floyd's breads, I consider that a pretty awesome compliment.

They polished off the entire loaf before Floyd even got home to taste it - good thing I'd made a second loaf!



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You're off to a great start! Looking forward to seeing more of your loaves.


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I'd say nicely done. In no time you'll be making loaves of front page majesty!

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Mini Oven

My son teases me every time!  Great loaves!  Great kids too!

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I would totally have watched! Our oven lacks a window though, and what's worse, our light blew out in there too - probably one of Floyds steam experiments XD

Most likely opening the door to peek would have yielded bad results, so that may not have been a bad thing, afterall.

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I wonder if anyone makes one. Wouldn't that be wonderful to have in your oven? 


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Looks scrumptious, kids devouring it is confirmation! Glad you've overcome your hesitation. Have fun with the next bake.

Cheers, Robyn

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Gorgeous first loaves! Nice job! :)

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this morning, when my boyfriend woke up, he caught me watching the loaf in the oven. He thinks I'm weird (cute weird, I hope), but I keep telling him that's the way that everybody does it!

For a first loaf, your bread looks fabulous!


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Just Loafin

There are so many facets to bread baking, each an artform all their own... looks like you have quite a few already nicely in tow! The crumb is unusually uniform for a first loaf, and the crust/color begs to be eaten right off the photos! That all suggests that your recipe amounts were good, your mixing and kneading was right on the mark, and your proofing time(s) right on the mark! Shaping and scoring should be no problem down the road... Congrats!

All that dough on your hands is nothing but a graduation diploma. It's education. There is no better way then to get it all the way up your arms. I kid not here... learning how bread dough for a particular recipe should 'feel' will help you adjust hydration on-the-fly. It's indispensible knowledge. It's a critical bridge to effective shaping later on.

Keep at it, kiddo! Yer a natural! ; )

- Keith

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Two bakers! 

That is a wonderful first loaf, Dorota.  Keep on baking!


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With its light on I can see into the oven from our kitchen's bar. So I sit and watch comfortably--with a cup of tea in the AM, or a home brewed beer or wine in the PM;-)

I never would have guessed, having read, and drooled over, your past cookie postings.

David G

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took me 68 years to be brave enough to touch yeast ! 

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Dorota, those loaves are a beautiful start, and far better than my first attempts. LOL

Welcome, oh yea new baker of breads (^_^)


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Now let's see Floyd bake and decorate a cake!

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You even got to experience a phone call ;)  Why does this thought keep going through my head...'never fear, Floyd and TFL is here'... Congratulations!


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I'm so glad I popped in to TFL today to see your first loaf!  Great start!

I too watch my bread rise in the oven- its magical.  When I cover them for steaming, I have to wait anxiously to see how much spring I got - Ugghh.

I have a feeling you are going to be doing  a lot more bread baking...



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  Very nice crumb, dstroy.  I enjoy to read your post, too.   I remember that my first loaf was flat like pizza. :)


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on your first loaf, golden crust, and lovely crumb!
Wishing you every happiness and success with bread baking!
from breadsong

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That looks waaaay better than most people's first try (including mine).  Are you gonna tell us what formula you used?

Keep it up!


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It's a really basic more-or-less Lesson 1, a little bit improved, and we'll post it really soon - Floyd and I have been working on the way it's written to smooth out some of the panic attacks I had the first time I went through it :) Expect to see something within the week I think regarding this.

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I baked again today! Here's how "take 2" came out:


Floyd said the funny holes here were something to do with my folding. Still - this one tasted great! AND I didnt panic this time, either!


Thank you to all of you! You guys are always so supportive and encouraging - I am always thinking "right on" when I see how great our forum members are to each other, but it's really something to experience it first-hand :D

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Also, what is it some kind of Murphy's Law or something, that the stupid phone will be silent all day right up until you've got your hands plunged into a big pile of sticky dough?

Before you start, have a plastic bag by the phone - if it rings, put your hand in the bag and pick up the phone.

Or: Use a dough scraper in one hand to lift the dough up and bring it over. Press the dough down with your other hand. Use the clean hand to pick up the phone.;)

Or: Use thin, disposable gloves (but don't throw them away - you can use them over and over.)

Cheers, Paul