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bwhahaha bread loaf as "wrist rest"

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bwhahaha bread loaf as "wrist rest"

I ran across this today and had to come over and post about it here!


The Breadou® Loaf baguette is designed to look like a loaf of bread but is, in fact, made from flexible polyurethane foam and meant to be used as a computer keyboard wrist rest. The site also says they smell like the real thing too.

How many folks are thinking that the person who came up with this idea was having some tough times getting their doughs to work out right? XD

Also, I'm intrigued by the idea of a baguette "custard caterpillar" - kinda would like to see a recipe for the non-foam version!

Those loaf thingies can be found over here, by the way.



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If you fancy a smiley bun....soft and smells like real bread (that's what it's written in Thai)