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Extra long baguette pan

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Extra long baguette pan

I'm looking to buy long perforated baguette pans, 36" x 26".  I'm having a hard time finding them on the internet. 
Can anyone direct me to a website or supplier? 


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The things you're looking for sound too big to fit in typical home ovens; you must have a deck oven. Since they're not used at home, you won't find hardly any of them on eBay etc. (Also, because their user community is so small, there just plain aren't very many:-)

I think you need to get connected with either a professional bakery/restaurant supplier or a broker that re-sells professional bakery/restaurant equipment. And of course such places probably don't have any Internet presence, because that's not how they get customers. For them, word of mouth among their very small community of potential buyers is king. I don't know for sure how to find such a thing because I've never done it, but the first two places I'd try would be:

  1. Yellow Pages
  2. shooting the breeze with your friendly neighborhood baker when nothing is rising or cooking
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It's definetly not going in my home oven.  I've decided to open a bread bakery and have asked my colleaugues where to find the extra long pans and they seem to not remember where they bought them or don't want to tell me.  I've tried calling many suppliers and they do not carry the extra long size.  I'll keep looking!  Thanks for your help.

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I bought my baguette trays from Lakeland - - they look like non-stick perforated drainpipes made from a fairly heavy guage metal. I've had then about two years and they sold for about £8. They work a treat but I can only get two trays in the oven (4 baguettes).



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A standard sheet pan rack is for 26x18" pans, what are you going to keep a 36" pan on? has a great selection of stuff. Chicago Metallic makes baguette pans,  Schweppes or any and restaurant supply can to order them for you.

I have seen them occasionally on craigslist, too; yup, here's one:

I'm in Chicagoland, where are you going to open your bakery?

<edit> 36x26? In hindsight, that looks metric to me, i.e. centimeters and smaller than a standard 18x26" sheet pan.