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The loaves are in the oven..

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The loaves are in the oven..

With living in a humid and hot country, I find my desire to bake dwindles when the hot weather is upon us.

Here, in southern mexico, by mid february, we are into the high 90's usually. In march ,105 F is usual. Kitchens are traditionally not air conditioned, as that is where the maid works. (Read "me" for maid when it comes to baking and cooking)

So last night, I could not go without bread any longer. I mixed up a huge batch (12 c) of AP flour and did the NYT method overnight, in the fridge. I discovered that a high sided oval plastic container I have would easily hold 24 cups of flour for the next time I do bread for the neighbours.

This morning, at 5 am, I started folding and bringing the dough to room temp.

I now have two 6 cup loaves in the oven. Both covered with bran.

The kitchen at 6:45 am is 30C.

One of the only ways I can get my brad "fix" is by reading the recipes and comments from the various participants of this forum..

Thank you everyone.


Regards from southern mexico