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Parchment Paper at Sam's Club

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Parchment Paper at Sam's Club

Hey everybody, didn't know if you all knew this, but I just learned about it yesterday.  Sam's Club has parchment paper in a box.  1,000 sheets for about $36!!!  Great deal.  I didn't get the exact size but it fits their baking sheets which are a bit bigger than a home cookie sheet.

She said it was unbleached parchment.  I don't exactly know if there is a difference?  Maybe you guys will know?  You have to go back to the Bakery section and order it there.  She said you can also call and they can order it and have it ready for you to pick up.  I guess you'll have to have a Sam's Club card, or a Sam's Club friend! :)

Anyways, thought it was a great deal!  I ordered the sheets from Canada, expensive shipping!!  Too bad I didn't think to ask about it before!  The also sell all their plastic bread bags and stuff too!  Great resource.  Just go and talk to somebody back there!

Well, that's all!  Have a great week everybody! 


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Mustang 51

Is your paper labled regarding the coating? Some of the parchment papers are coated with Quilon which contains chromium, a toxic material. From what I have read, the silicone coated parchemnt paper is a better choice. I am sure there will be many opinions on this.

It is nice to have a nearby source for the stuff you need. If it is like so many other products at Sam's you may not be able to get it there at a later date. If they are actually using the product in the bakery department they may be more likely to continue supplying it.


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I'e heard (but have no firsthand knowledge:-) that there are quite a few varieties of "parchment paper". The paper itself can be "light", "medium", or "heavy". The release coating can be either "silicone" or "quilion". And it can be packaged as either "rolls" or "sheets".

Typically though a retail store will carry only one type (usually either "light" or "medium", almost always "silicone", often  "rolls"). Even a professional bakers supply is likely to carry only two types, linking together the weight and the coating even though there's really no reason to do so; specifically they may supply something like "medium"/"silicone"/"sheets" and "heavy"/"quilion"/"sheets".

Unfortunately there's often no way to tell exactly what you're getting. Buying smallish quantities retail works reasonably anyway - if you don't like it, just go to a different store next time. But when obtaining very large quantities not-quite-retail, it may be worth trying to determine just what you're getting before you buy.

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Well, it's the same stuff they use in their bakery, so I'm sure you could ask to see it before you purchased it.  They bake all the bread, cookies, etc. with it, so I'm sure it works fine.  But I guess asking to see it would be a good idea before you bought some to make sure it's what you wanted. :)  Thanks for all the info though! :)