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Steam in my Bluestar?

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Steam in my Bluestar?

Hey guys,

  Just doing the overn burn off in my new 30" Bluestar RCS.  I of course bake a lot of bread.  Does anyone have any experience with these ranges?  Can it handle spritzing of water for steam?

  Or any tips current Bluestar owners may have?



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I bake constantly in my Wolf 30", which is very similar internally to a Bluestar. It can handle the steam on the sides, but I learned the hard way not to go too heavy on the RIGHT side, as I cracked the glass housing on the oven light. Now I spray water mostly on the left! 

I also heat a cast iron skillet on a lower rack sometimes for an extra shot of steam. Carefully toss in a half-cup of warm water and voila!