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sawane haleeb: sweet yeasted palestinian desert

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sawane haleeb: sweet yeasted palestinian desert

Sawane Haleeb (Palestinian Dessert)


Recipe Serves: makes two large trays

4 cups of flour
3 cups milk powder
1 cup dessicated coconut
pinch of salt
1 tsp vanilla
1 Tbsp instant yeast
enough warm water to make runny batter
vegetable oil

whisk together the dry ingredients in a bowl.

Then whisk in the warm water until you have a runny batter.

leave to rest few hours till its good and bubbly (see pic)
pour some vegetable oil in the base of two large pans (just enough to smear the bottoms) and place in the oven to preheat (maximum heat at this stage)

once oil is very, very hot, remove from the oven, pour in your batter and return to oven to bake at moderate heat.

this should take bout thirty minutes but keep an eye on it, once its browned on top its done.

serve with attir (syrup): bring to the boil: 2 cups sugar, 1 cup of water, squeeze of lemon, few drops rosewater/cinnamon etc (this is jus to flavour), let simmer few minutes and pour over the sliced sawane haleeb.

Recipe Notes: *just make sure that either the syrup or the baked sweet is hot, one or the other so you don't get a doughy desert.

hope you enjoy :D --> IMG_1177[1].JPG


--> IMG_1179[1].JPG

Recipe Source: this recipe was given to me by a cousin overseas

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This sounds fantastic! Thanks for sharing. :)

Do you think that regular milk could be substituted for dry milk? I have dry milk powder available to me, but I only use it if I have to as I prefer regular milk. What do you think?

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Hi honeymustard and thankyou I really love This recipe :) About using regular milk I'm not sure as I've never tried this and not sure wat the dried milk in this recipe is equivalent to In liquid Form and not sure exactly how much liquid is used in the recipe

Lol Sorry if that doesn't really help I guess you might have to experiment to find out. The title translates literally into 'milk trays' or 'trays of milk' so I'd try not to cut back on the milk here. Please let me know what u think if u try this, I am absolutely In love with this recipe :)

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Just wanted to add that I've found dry milk in baked goods somehow gives a better texture to end result. Jus something I've noticed with breads n scones (biscuits)

Happy baking :)

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Definitely does give a nice texture, you're right, I do use the dry milk powder from time to time. I just prefer regular milk if it can be helped. :)

Can't wait to try sometime!

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great! hope you'll let us know how you go :) i should make this soon, its been a while, i once made it three times in the same week, lol, but haven't since.

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well, just thought i'd share a recent pic of this gorgeous desert. i've made it heaps since that first time, and have to admit this is a perfect desert for me, lol, as i love my bread and my deserts, so this way i get both in one ;)


i've been making it with cinnamon syrup as i like the combination, and it gives a bit of a 'doughnut' taste, however, you can stick to normal rose water syrup or pretty much any flavour you like.


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This is an old thread so the pictures are no longer available from the original post. I have searched but can't seem to find any pics of this dessert under "sawane haleeb". I'd lke to see what the final outcome is supposed to look like.