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My Kitchen Aid Can't Handle It??

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My Kitchen Aid Can't Handle It??

I bought a brand new Kitchen Aid and made pretzels yesterday. The dough formed into a stiff ball and started to ride up the side of the was literally coming up over the dough hook bouncing around.


I've *never* seen that happen in the older mixer...but that mixer can't handle the thickness. I'm not sure why the dough is rolling out of the

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I sold my Kitchenaid Pro 600 and bought a Bosch Universal Plus.

It has no problem handling low hydration bread like bagels.  Some people don't like the cleanup, but it hasn't been a problem for me.

I bought mine on Amazon for $359 and sold my old mixer for $300.

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My KA handles bagel dough nicely.  Spraying the dough hook with a cooking spray prevents the dough from climbing the dough hook.  Keeping the kneading speed no higher the #2 on the control saves wear and tear on the machine and a controllable kneading experience.

"The dough formed into a stiff ball" cause me to wonder what hydration level your bagel formula uses.  My formula is approximately 57% - 58% hydration, not a particularly stiff dough and my KA handles it just fine.  I wonder also if you might not be preparing an amount of dough that is too large for the capacity of your machine.