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Dough riser.

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Dough riser.

I'd like a nice plastic round with lid dough riser bucket that can hold 56 pounds of kneaded dough. Anyone know where I can find a beast like that? I've been kneading 23 pounds of dough at a time and am now ready for a double recipe. I just don't have a suitable container. Found a nice antique dough riser online a second ago, but I'm trying to stay under it's $1,950 price tag.


Thanks for any help

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Will a 10gal bucket work? Or too small?

If not, how about something like this:

Cambro has some NSF certified ingredient bins that are big (but square); check their web site. 


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Pioneer Foodie

hahaha... I bought my antique wooden dough trough for $50!  It will easily hold 50# of dough.

My grandmother used to knead large volumes on a big board on her kitchen table.  She mixed the wet ingredients with a little flour in a smaller bowl, then poured it into a flour well on the big board.  I've also read of people mixing dough right in the flour sack until it had enough consistency to take it to a board.

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...approximately the same density as water, so 56 lbs of dough is approximately equivalent to 7 gals. of water.

Cambro makes food container up to 22 gal. capacity, which allows room for proofing expansion.. Here's a pic I just down loaded. It includes a sliding lid, but you can purchase them without a plain lid, or none at all. I couldn't find a price list, but I'll bet the biggest (22gal.) is a lot less than $100.00.

Let, me add I have no connection with Cambro whatever, except as a satisfied consumer.

Here's the website.

David G

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I'd look at something that is more dual purpose, what about pizza dough proofing boxes. 

They're 18" x 26" x 3" high, you'd have to use a few, but you could reuse them for other small batch jobs.


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Karen Guse

they fit about 20 pounds of dough, you can get lids or just use plastic wrap.