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How Do You Use A Nonstick Perforated French Bread Pan

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How Do You Use A Nonstick Perforated French Bread Pan

I just purchased a Non Stick Perforated French Bread Pan .... Only thing is I forgot to ask the sales associate how to use it? 

Do you just stick it in the oven to bake the bread?  Or do you have to put it on a baking stone or cookie sheet?

Do you have to preheat the pan?

Any help would be great .... Thanks .....


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When I have used it, I just lightly grease the pan and do my final rise in that pan.  Slash your dough after final rise and bake in the preheated oven, using steam for the first five minutes or so.

Don't forget to build-in the tension in the surface of the dough during the shaping.


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King Arthur Baguette Pan Baguettes

 More info:

"Hint: A very slack dough, like a no-knead dough, may get stuck in the pan's perforations. We advise using a stiffer rather than softer dough in this pan. "

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As pointed out above, if you let your dough rise in the pans, you may get sticking.  However, if your rising is done in a couche and then transfered to the pans for baking, you shouldn't have any sticking.  The pans don't need to be preheated and bake directly on the racks although as Ford pointed out the oven is preheated.


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Karen Guse

I have used them for ciabatta and they still don't stick.  I rise my baguettes right in the pan and they turn out great everytime.   I did have to season the pans when they came.  It said to spray them with oil and bake them for a while.  Good luck with your pans.



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I've followed the comments and advice in the aforementioned post, but I can never get the crust on top of the baguette to turn golden brown at the reduced temperature (450 degrees F).  The bottom of the crust will be a nice toasty color, but not the top.

What am I doing wrong here?

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Not too sure if you have tried any of these tips.  To get a crusty top, I've read and used the following tips:

Glossy Finish on Bread: 1 tsp cornstarch in 1/2 cup water (boil and let cool, then brush on bread)

Golden Brown Crust: Beat one egg and brush on your bread

Deep Brown Crust: Brush With milk

You can do all of these before baking or once or twice during the baking process

Hope one of these tips help ..... Let us know how if any of them worked for you!?


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This is my new favourite kitchen toy ..... Thanks for all of the tips posted .... I used the Ciabatta bread recipe from "My Bread: The Revolutuonary No-Work, No-Knead Method," and it turned out amazing ..... Until I got this, I would role my bread up in parchment paper to shape my baguettes, but the pan eliminates this entirely.

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but I line my pan with baker's parchment and do the final rise in the pan (mine is not a non-stick pan, BTW). 

I preheat the oven with the stone and a large aluminum sheet pan (because my baguette pan is longer than the stone).  When all is hot, I put the baguette pan on the preheated baking sheet and cover with an aluminum foil buffet liner pan for "passive steam" for 1/2 to 2/3 of the baking time.  Lovely results, but I just haven't found a dough formula for baguettes that  I love the taste of yet.