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Pain Paillasse - using my 36 hour sourdough baguette dough

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Pain Paillasse - using my 36 hour sourdough baguette dough


I first learnt about Pain Pailasse from Don's post here, have been intrigued by the unique shape ever since. Since the original version is likely made with a wet white dough using levain, I thought it'd be appropriate to recreate it using my 36 hour sourdough baguette dough. Loving whole grain flavor in my baguetts, I just can't make an all white dough, so I used some rye starter to bring out extra flavor, the total rye ratio is 10%. Don kept his dough at 75% hydration, I used 78% to account for extra water absorbed by the rye flour.

AP flour, 425g

ice water, 315g

rye starter (100%), 100g

white starter (100%), 50g

salt, 10g

- follow the basic 36 hour sourdough baguette formula here, but twisted two of the shaped baguettes to create Pain Pailasse, while keeping the other two as normal baguettes.


The "normal" baguettes were open, light, and moist as expected


The Pain Pailasse ones had good shape and crust


Seemed to have relatively open crumb, but not very evenly distributed


However, a side by side comparison shows that the crumb of Pain Pailasses(on the right) is much tighter than the regular baguettes(on the left)


I think lack of scoring was the main reason for tighter crumb, but otherwise, the loaves were still very flavorful and tasty. And looked unique as well. (the cross section pieces were from regular baguette.)

Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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Your breads look wonderful as usual, txfarmer!


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It is very interesting to see how the crumb changed by the shaping.  It is reasonable to see the twisted baguette had tighter crumb. Although I can see a lot of holes in the unique baguettes.   Thank you for sharing your experiment, Txfarmer!

Best wishes,


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Just wanna say thank you for your recipe. I am swiss and, like many, I started to bake sourdough bread during covid. I really like pain paillasse, but it is often more expensive than the other bread. I tried to bake one based on your recipe (because that is the only one I could found of pain paillase :D ). Even though it was not exactly  like pain paillasse, the result was amazing. I did not have such big wholes like you though, more even but very light.