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Question about my rise please.

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Question about my rise please.




I am using the baguette recipe and directions from


I used 2/3 of the recipe to make the above loaf and was wondering if I am getting enough rise with 2/3 of the recipe? The loaf was about  6 inch wide and about 4 inches tall. Does this seem normal for 2/3 of recipe?

Seemed to only rise about 1 1/2 inches taller in oven. I am using the jar yeast (active dry yeast) for the poolish and dough.

Perhaps I am miss using the recipe as it does state it is for baguettes? What do you think?

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Looks OK to me. 1.5" oven spring seems pretty good. 

Did you go 2/3 by weight or by volume? By weight you'll have more predictable results. 





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I do not, as of yet, own a scale so I eye balled the volume of dough, not weight.

I will cut into the loaf tonight and post additional pics.

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Doughs comprised of flour, water, salt, and yeast/sour starter are considered lean. Most recipes will tell you they can be shaped in different ways such as boules batards or rolls. Some use the same recipe for pizza, cibatta and focaccia with very slight variation. So no problem using a baguette dough to form boules, batards, etc.