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Question about this batteton and liner please

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Question about this batteton and liner please

I was wondering if someone could answer a few questions about the banneton and liner that is in this move (at 4:35 seconds)

My questions are

1) Is that a wicker bowl or does it just look like wicker?

2) What brand is it and where can I buy it?

3) If it is wicker, can it still be used without liner so I can get spiral look on my crusts?


thank you in advance

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1.  Wicker.  

2.  TMB Baking via San Francisco Baking Institute

3.  You certainly can. Buy a wicker basket and one of the linen liners.

Edited to add that if you don't have a couche, the linen fabric at TMB is awesome and will serve you well.  Their liners are made of the same linen.

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