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20110310 Re-visiting Wild Fruit Yeasts

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20110310 Re-visiting Wild Fruit Yeasts

I first experienced the magic of wild fruit yeasts when developing my three sourdough starters two years ago. All three of them were built from wild yeasts in raisins. Today, my second jar of wild fruit yeasts are brought to life. Through the glass, I can feel the energy of these invisible microorganisms, see cycles of new lives, and almost picture my new breads! My heart is filled with joy. I’m looking forward to the many fun and exciting experiments to come!



Here are some pictures of my wild fruit yeasts:


My first loaf using wild fruit yeasts as an exclusive leaven - Japanese white sandwich bread: 



Submitted to Susan's Yeastspotting!



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Hi Yippee,

can you tell me how active your starters are and how they compare to sourdough starters?


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To give you a quantitative measure, the dough doubled at bulk in 3 hours under 83F, with 33% of the flour pre-fermented by fruit leavens in a previous 12-hour period.


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I almost missed your great looking pet! :)

Your raisin yeast water looks very active and healthy!!!   It is really fun, isn't?