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Brioche in my Bosch Universal

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Brioche in my Bosch Universal

Hey guys,


   I just got a Bosch Universal and I want to try and make Brioche.  I have Hemmelman's Bread book and I think that is the recipe I want to try.  I am thinking that the whips that come with the Universal and not string enough to do cold butter.  Can I just use the dough hook?





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Thank you karooart for sharing the recipe.  I'm very tempted to make this but as I don't have a stand mixer, can I do this by hand or would you not recommend it?  I've worked with a sweet dough using 55 grms butter only  and kneaded it using the Richard Bertinet slap and fold method.  However this looks even more challenging.  I wouldn't want to end up with a sticky mess if I really can't knead this by hand.  Thanks.