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Video - Craig Ponsford Bakes Ciabatta Integral

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Video - Craig Ponsford Bakes Ciabatta Integral

This video might be of interest to all you ciabatta fans out there.



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thanks, SteveB. What do you think is the 4th dry ingredient he's adding to the mix? At the beginning, he has a bucket with flour, salt, and yeast, but there's a fourth dry substance that's tan in color.


addendum: nevermind. just read the formula - it's milk powder. I wonder why he adds milk powder, and especially olive oil when it's already harder to develop the gluten with whole wheat doughs.

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thanks.  i really learned from watching this.

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Thanks Steve - it's always fun watching a pro make magic folding dough.

I hope he is doing well with his new bakery.

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The power of time itself in gluten development should be emphasized more, in my opinion, but the demonstration of the effectiveness of multiple S&F's in developing dough strength after short mixing is very dramatic.

Craig's gentleness in handling the dough, so as to minimize de-gassing when making ciabatta is impressive. 

Thanks for sharing this video, Steve.


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Great Video, Steve! Thanks..!

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That is a very educational video.  Thank you, Steve.  It is one thing to read about something over and over, and it is another to actually SEE it.  Terry

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Hello, I am very grateful to you for posting the link to this video.
It is really good to see Mr. Ponsford's expert handling of the ciabatta dough - very instructive.
Thanks again! from breadsong