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Hamelman's Ciabatta With Stiff Biga

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Hamelman's Ciabatta With Stiff Biga

This is My First Ciabatta Ever. The Preferment was not fermented thoroughly, which had some impact on the final color of the bread. The flavor is close to Hamelman's Baguette with poolish, very nutty, creamy! It is a hassle to go through, for the first time. Its a good change from wholegrain breads.





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That looks like an excellent first attempt. Congratulations. Maybe I'll take a break from my sourdough baking this weekend and make some ciabatta too.

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These look great. Make me wanna give it a try next time. I have never bake a ciabatta before.

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They're beautiful, Khalid.

It reminds me that I haven't made ciabatta for so long. It was the first bread I made from BBA cookbook.


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Hi Khalid,

Excellent crumb texture you have there.

You will probably have realised now how easy it is for little pockets of flour to become trapped within the dough as you do the final shaping.   Sadly, they don't bake out.

Best wishes



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Great bake, Khalid!  Lovely open crumb with nice translucent cell walls.  I was going to ask which tasted better: ciabatta with poolish or ciabatta with biga, but then I remembered you said it was the first time you had ever made it.  I have only ever made it with poolish and, quite frankly, I didn't think the taste was anything to write home about.  Think I will give the biga recipe a shot in the future.


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You did a very good job on that for the first time. Actually your results look better than my last Ciabatta. Very  nice breads.


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Hello Khalid,
You've baked the ciabatta of my dreams!
The flour pattern on the crust, the loaf shape, the crumb...what a lovely result.
from breadsong

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First attempt, you made a lovely ciabatta with a great sounding flavor.  Nice open crumb. 



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Wow, Khalid

They look fabulous! Nice open crumb!! GREAT!


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Some things just aren't meant to be whole grain, and ciabatta is one of them!  Nice looking ciabatta.  Haven't tried using a biga, I pretty much stick to poolish, but I like the look of yours.


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Good job.  They look just like the pictures in the bread books.


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Thanks so much To all :)

I learned something really essential.. gently patting the fermented dough to distribute the air bubbles, to allow for a better oven spring was very important. I've used 12.9% protein Strong White bread flour, my wife said that the crumb was very chewy..