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Wooden lifter

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Wooden lifter

I am looking for a piece of baking equipment and can't find it anywhere on line. I'm not sure I know how to describe it but I'll try. It looks a little like a peel. It's narrow maybe about 5 inches wide. It's made of wood and is used to flip long breads like chabata or baguettes from the couche to the peel for placing in the oven. I've been using long pieces of cardboard but I'm tired of cutting up boxes. If anyone can help me find what I'm looking for it would be appreciated. Thanks Mike R

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asfolks has one

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I have hear them referred to as "transfer" boards because like you say they are being used to "move" loaves.  As mentioned above you could just use a plank but the real thing is slightly curved to assist in keeping the dough in the right orientation (straight) and to make it easier to keep the dough on the board.  If I had the money I would buy the real product - you know the old saying "the right tool makes the job ...".



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Bakery bits have rolling or flipping boards if you want to see a picture of what they look like or are based in the UK.


I have some that were made for me and they are great as mini peels for moving loaves around on the bread stone once they have set and you want to shuffle them about a bit, as well as for getting a baguette shaped dough off a couche cloth. They need that slanted edge ideally, so if you are good at woodworking you should be able to make your own.