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San Joaquin Sourdogh- My Take

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San Joaquin Sourdogh- My Take

A couple of weeks ago i got that feeling in my stomach that I have to bake bread again. I used to bake quite a bit until six months ago and I felt it is the time to start baking again. For this I had to create a new sourdough starter as I sadly found my old one molding in the back of the fridge. I started it with some rye flour and water and converted it gradually to a white flour stater. When it was active and vigorous enogh. I decided to bake with it. I chose to try David's San Joaquin, wich I've been wanting to try for a long time.  

As I didn't have a dough scraper in hand (lost it somewhere in the house), I didn't use the S&F in the bowl technique, and kneaded the dough for a few minutes in the KitchenAid and had two folds during the bulk fermentation, wich developed the gluten well and the dough was strong and elastic. I retarted the dough only for 15 hours because of tight schedule. I shaped it into two batards, proofed and baked as in the formula.    

The Loaves

The Crumb

The results were great! The crumb was delicious and open with a slight tang and a wonderful presence of rye. The crust was quite thin but crispy and had a great flavor.

I highly recommend this one!

Have a great weekend,



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Your loaves look good. 

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Thanks cranbo!

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BTW, you don't need a scraper to do the S&F in the bowl. In fact, you can use your hands. Many do. I use a silicon spatula, actually, which I prefer to a scraper.


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Thank you David!

I didn't know that you could use your hands to S&F in the bowl, I wlways thought it would stick like crazy.

Earl, I followed generally Hamelman's recipe for a liquid sordough starter. A good formula for raising a starter is Susan's from her great blog.