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Football Bread

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Football Bread

For the game yesterday, I baked this rustic loaf to munch on during the game with spreads and cold cuts. The football shape was in the spirit of the Super Bowl game in which our home team, the now WORLD CHAMPION Green Bay Packers, was a participant and victor. Imagine my surprise when I cut into the loaf to see this crumb pattern? The karma is thick around these parts when the Packers are playing.



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I'm a big fan of WI and like the Packers (when they don't play the Bears), but help me out, why are the Packers now WORLD Champions. I thought only American teams are competing?

Thomas (just naturalized!)

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SOCCER field, grin grin...

But the "G" in the crumb is just awsome, Eric.  Karma indeed !  :)

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...definitely check Snopes to see if this Green Bay crumb picture is for real.  It looks a little bit doctored to me and I'm thinking if there had been a Steelers logo in the crumb, the bread would've been used to feed the ducks.



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Looks to me like both bread and Lombardi trophy are back where they belong.  Nice football, Eric, but great game!


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Funny...I could have sworn that was an S for ...well you know what for, when I first saw it. Awesome game game wasn't it? Nice loaf Eric!


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I searched TFL for an Artisan Doritos recipe, and couldn't find one.  What's up with that?

Congrats on the victory.


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How can you bake bread for football in Wisconsin, and not use da cheddah?

Just one question Eric:  did the bread last longer than the Steelers did?  I suspect it did not stand any better chance than they did.

Congratulations on a win in a good game.

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Frequent Flyer

...Great game!

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I'm glad to see my small attempt at humor was well received. It was a great game played by two strong and determined teams. Around Wisconsin, it felt like a holiday. Everyone prepared tables of food for halftime and after. It's always a fun time for all.

Artisan Doritos, sounds like a good project!