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SFBI Miche - A big one!

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SFBI Miche - A big one!

This miche is from David's wonderful post here. I didn't change a thing. Even kept the weight exactly same at 2KG, which makes it the biggest bread I've ever made. I debated using high extraction flour instead, but decided to use AP and WW as SFBI specified just to see how it will come out. Can you tell? I tried to draw Tic-Tac-Toe with my scoring pattern, kinda hard to see after being baked for so long.


The dough is wonderful to handle - soft and fluid which I love, but not too wet. Crumb is very open on the edge


But denser in the middle, which I expect from a miche this size.


Crackling singing crust. It was a mess to cut because the crust was flying everywhere!


We had it for dinner, after out of oven for 8 hours. Crust is thick and chewy, crumb is moist (cool) and spongy in the middle. Not very sour. Less flavorful than my previous miche made from high extraction flour, but the texture is just perfect. Of course I do expect the flavor to deepen by tomorrow and the day after. I think I will make the formula again using high extraction flour just to compare.


David, thanks for a great formula. This is a good base to tweak from. Other than different flour combo, I would like to try larger size. I THINK my baking stone and oven can take a 3KG one, we'll see...


Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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I see the large Miche bug has caught you too. Very nice looking bread.


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You know what they say: everything is bigger in TX. ;)

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Gorgeous crumb and amazing crust color. I'm curious about your baking time and temperature.

I think you will find the flavor gets better. I found the flavor best on the second day. I had some for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the flavor got better and better.

If you have some good high-extraction flour, I would encourage you to try it in this bread. It will be different. I enjoyed it both ways. It's hard to say which I prefer.

It gives me great pleasure to hear how many are enjoying this bread. 


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For this size, I baked mine at 450F for 20min, after let out steam, reduce to 430F for 40min. Turned off oven, with the door cracked open, and leave bread inside for 20min.


I have some Golden Buffalo flour on hand, will make next loaf with that. Just need to finish off this big loaf, and find a big crowd to feed with my planned 3kg-er. :)


Oh, I had another slice for breakfast, yeah, flavor was better. Expect to enjoy it even more at dinner tonight.

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OK, I couldn't resist... baked this miche this morning using a mixture of whole wheat, KASL, and AP, along wiith the toasted wheat germ.  This was the first time I've tried an overnight ferment in a banneton.  I was concerned about the dough sticking, and sure enough, it did.  I had dusted the banneton generously with rice flour.  I just cut it open, and indeed it is delicious.  Will see how it performs tomorrow for breakfast.

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Great Miche Txfarmer! Your Photography enhances the already savoury bakes that comes from you oven. Well done!

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Thanks Mebake!

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I like the Tic-Tac-Toe scoring, Txfarmer!  Very nice crumb and the soup, too! They look very tasty! 

Best wishes,


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Thanks Akiko. Probably should've used more flour on the surface to make the pattern stand out more.

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Love the blistering on the crust.  It reminds me of boiled lobster.  Did you use the toasted wheatgerm then?  The flavour of this loaf definitely improves over time.  Had some yesterday (day four), as is, with a slice of cheese and it tasted wonderful.  Makes great toast, too.  Yes, I also love the feel of this dough.  It comes together so quickly after an autolyse ( I gave mine 50 minutes) and hardly required much kneading at all.


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Yeah, indeed used the wheat germ, I had more yesterday (day 2), the flavor has indeed improved. Can't wait to try some today.