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Home Bread Proofer Business Project

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Home Bread Proofer Business Project

Hi Everyone,

I am a business student at a school in Boston. I am working with a team of 7 other students to develop a new product and build a business project around it as a semester long project. Our team has decided to work on a home bread proofer that could be sold commercially. We are very early in the process and would really appreciate any feedback we could get. I have included our survey below, but please feel free to give any feedback possible! We would very much appreciate it!

Product: An economical, innovative bread proofer built for easy use and story, equipped with temperature and humidity controls for the ideal bread baking experience without sacrificing space in your kitchen or wallet. This product would have a hard bottom with built in temperature/humidity controls (heating elements, tray to generate humidity, fan for venting, etc). The top would be a collapsible bag big enough for 2 loafs or one baking tray.

1) How often do you bake your own bread?

a) Never

b) Once per year

c) 2-10 times per year

d) once per month

e) one a week or more

2) Would you consider yourself to be a part of one of these market segments?

a) Active, medium-to-high income homemaker with children

b) family-oriented older citizen

c) baking enthusiast or home baker

d) other __________________

3) Please estimate your annual household income

a) $0-$24,999

b) $25,000 - $74,999

c) $75,000 - $99,999

d) $100,000 - $124,999

e) $125,000 - $149,999

f) $150,000 - $200,000

g) $200,000+

4) How useful is this product to you or your family (1-5 scale)

1. Not useful

2. Probably wouldn't use it

3. Would use it if given as a gift but would not buy it

4. Somewhat useful, probably would purchase

5. very useful, would purchase

5) What price would you be most inclined to purchase this product at?

a) $0-$19.99 f) $100 - $119.99

b) $20 - $39.99 g)$120 - $139.99

c) $40 - $59.99 h) $140 - $159.99

d) $60 - $79.99 i) $160 - $179.99

e) $80 - $99.99 j) $180 - $199.99

k) Other _______________________________________

6) Where would you typically go to purchase such a product?

7) What basic/performance functions would you like this product to have? Please explain.

8) Do you have any suggestions to improve the current design of the product? Are there any features or aspects of the product that are unnecessary? Please explain.

9) What demographics (age group, lifestyle, education, location, etc) do you think this product would appeal to most? Please specify two.

10) Where [in your kitchen] would you store this product?

11) What kind of breads do you typically bake?


Thanks! All the feedback we can get would help my team immensely!



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You re-create the form in Wufoo ( or another web-based survey tool? It will make easier for participants to fill out your survey, and you'll have your data in electronic format.



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Less likely to get people answering questions about personal data and income on a public forum.

It is incredibly easy to set up a webform using a google spreadsheet, far more secure as well.