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Focaccia and chorizo thyme rolls - Dallas has frozen over. So I baked.

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Focaccia and chorizo thyme rolls - Dallas has frozen over. So I baked.


Well, it's been 3 days of ice and below zero temperatures. I lived in Toronto for 5 years, this is nothing to northerners, but to Dallas, a city that has probably 2 sand trucks in total, this is "when the world stops" moment. Even my office closed for two days, which is jaw dropping since the boss is a hardy workaholic. And she's from Romania!Unexpected down time at home, what do I do? Bake breads of course! My starters are still aleep in the fridge, so I mixed up some olive oil dough from the book "Bourke St. Bakery", made two kinds of breads from it.


Olive Oil Dough (adapted from "Bourke St. Bakery")

- first dough (it's exactly the same as the main dough, so you just have to make one the first time you make this dough, after that, just reseve a portion from the final dough and use it as first dough for future loaves. it can be stored in fridge for a few days, and frozen for a lot longer.)

bread flour, 100g

salt, 2.5g, 1tsp

olive oil, 3/4tsp

milk, 1/2tsp

water, 70ml

instant yeast, 1g

1. Mix together into a dough, store in fridge for overnight.

-final dough

bread flour, 600g

instant yeast, 6.5g, 2tsp

water, 400g

olive oil, 20ML

milk, 20ML

salt, 15g

first dough, 180g

2. Mix everything togeter, autolyse, knead well.

3. Bulk rise at room temp (73F) for 1.5 hours, S&F every 30min. Dough is very smooth and soft, like silk.

4. Reserve some as preferments for later if desired, otherwise shape into focaccia. Rise for 15min, brush with olive oil, add toppings, rise for another 15min. I used two toppings: black olive+rosemary, and sliced meyer lemon+lavendar.

5. Bake at 350F for about 30min until golden.


Soft and fragrant, perfect to snack on.


The lemon+lavendar topping is my desperate calling for spring - or at least a break from "wintery mix" and "icy roads". Black olive+rosemary is just classic. Both are very delicious.


I only used half of the dough for facaccia, other other half for chorizo and thyme rolls - good thing that I had all the ingredients in the fridge, no way to get to the store!


The mixture of chorizo, onion and thyme was laminated into the dough as following:


Proof for 30 to 45min, cut into 4 parts before baking. If using the whole amount of dough, cut into 8 portions. Bake at 400F for about 20min.

Very rustic looking, very yummy.


Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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Beautiful breads, as always, Tx Farmer.

I've been in Dallas when it snowed.  It isn't pretty on the roads then.  Portland, Oregon isn't a lot better at handling it either!

You may have seen this since it making the rounds this week, but I thought it was pretty funny.

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Ha ha ha.

Toronto. Has. Snow. It's true. So funny.

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WOW!  Almost makes me wish I was in OK and iced over too... :-)

I won't talk about the temperature here in LA, or i might get banned from TFL


Txfarmer, I got a quetion - for the chorizo rolls, did you bake them with the cut side UP, or just standing as a roll on the baking sheet?   THey seem awesome....


stay warm!

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I baked them as following:


Each one came out looking different, I think they are supposed to be "rustic", so you can try to position them which-ever way you prefer!


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and the chorizo and thyme rolls look the perfect meal for on a cold winter's evening.


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Thanks Larry, they really hit the spot. :)

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Wonderful goods TxFarmer.

I really do enjoy the Bourke street book, I typically find myself making the croissants and pizza recipe from it pretty often.

And I hear ya about the snow! What's funny though is my boss at the bakery came and picked me up at 2:30 am the night of the big snow to go and bake. We had a 3 1/2 foot snow drift in front of our bakery!! We knew we wouldn't have many customers since everything was closed down, but we couldn't start Wednesday with empty shelves! So we took advantage of uninterupted baking.

I was looking forward to baking at home and having time off from school and work, but at least I did get some baking in too!

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3.5 foot of snow?! We got another few inches this morning, and the whole city was brought to its knees, I can't imagine 3.5 foot! Great that you still got baking in, the hot oven fees nice when it's cold and snowing out, huh?

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They were drifts mind you : ) Not a solid 3 feet fell, or else jeeezzz, I wouldn't have even thought about going in to bake at 2:30 am.

Love the pictures by the way! Your photography skills always make your blog ever so much more delightful than it already is!

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but we did have a lot of it a couple weeks ago. 21.5 inches of snow Jan 17, 2011


what it looked like on things


It was so deep no one was moving much, and the fellow who came to clean the drive, was totally flummoxed with where to put the darn stuff!