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Milwaukee's Best thin crust pizza-ever!

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Milwaukee's Best thin crust pizza-ever!

If you happen to be in the Milwaukee area, there is a place called "Maria's Pizza" on Forest Home and 50th st that is worth a look up. When I first moved to the area in the late 70's I used to go to Maria's in the near downtown area near Allen Bradley (clock tower). The place was run by an old woman (Maria) and her daughter and various family members. We used to enjoy watching the sign change every year telling us it was there 38th or so year in business. One day Maria passed on and the place closed up. We were really disappointed because the food was incredible and it was the only pizza the kids really enjoyed. Well, unknown to us for all those years there was another Maria's where the other daughter worked across town. We were saved!

Believe me Milwaukee is a great restaurant town and the places that survive that long are legends around town. Maria's has made a name for itself by making a cracker thin crust. The sauce is light so you taste the seasons and the meats are abundant. $8.00 gets you a huge rectangle full sheet pepperoni special that you wouldn't believe. This is an old world place and they make the dough in house every day, rolling it through a small machine into shape. I've been playing around with pizza dough for a few years but I haven't quite got it figured out yet.

Anyway, people come from all over to eat at Maria's on Forest Home Ave in Milwaukee. No checks or CC's, cash only and no beer. It's a family place for sure. Ask for Bonnie, she's the one in the Red dress and 5 inch red heels-every day!