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Thermapens on sale

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Thermapens on sale

I don't know if anyone is interested but i got a link on the thermapen sale (79 bucks)..

it goes through Monday i think if anyone is interested...i love mine!


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Deal is OK. Appears to be the about same price (once you add shipping) on Amazon thru Thermoworks store.

Everyone loves these though, so I've been eveballing one for a while, but can't seem to bring myself to throw down $80 on a thermometer. Someone convince me that I NEED this, as opposed to my cheap $20 Taylor digital "instant read" thermometer from Target :)

Thanks for sharing the deal though!

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Couple of thoughts on a Thermapen vs a Taylor.  The Taylor reads via a thermistor, basically one sort of metal.  It's not very fast, either in initial read or recovery, and the accuracy level is anybody's guess.  The Thermapen reads via a thermocouple, basically two different metal wires joined together at the tip. A chip is needed to interpret the results, hence the cost overall.  This style is incredibly fast and highly accurate; can't find the +/- minus variance sheet I got with mine, but it's incredibly small, and I've verified that against known quantities.  The red version I have will read from -58 to 572 degrees F (-50 to 300 degrees C), so it's not only useful breads, but also meats on the BBQ, turkeys in the oven.  The minus side of the equation lets me accurately calibrate both my cooler and my freezer to make sure the temp is right and I'm not wasting current.  Also, it's very good at taking air, starter, ingredient, water temps when looking for an ideal dough temperature.  I couldn't operate as efficiently or confidently without it.


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$79 for brown (appropriate for TFL!), they are on sale again! Apparently last sale of 2011

I threw down on one, finally.