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Legend of Zelda cake for my 5 year old birthday boy!

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Legend of Zelda cake for my 5 year old birthday boy!


My son is a huge Legend of Zelda fan. He has been for years actually.

When he was 3, he wanted to dress as the hero "Link" (Green Boy, as he called him) for Halloween.

Here was his costume:


So when he asked for a Zelda cake for his birthday, I had to think about how I was going to do this. I'm not exactly a professional cake decorator!

I finally took some classic imagery from the game - the sword in the stone, the hero, and the Tri-force symbol that appears throughout the game, as my inspiration for the cake.


I started with cookies, which I cut and painted with food coloring ink.

I made a couple of Link cookies to choose from, and a partial sword cookie too.

Then I made a chocolate cake, which I froze and cut and rearranged:


And finally some cream cheese chocolate frosting, purple sparkle sugar sprinkled (his favorite color) and some strategically placed non-chocolate frosting with yellow sugar sprinkles and voila!

zelda cake with candles


Felix with his cake

He liked his cake!


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you are. Always a special Birthday cake!! Happy 5th Birthday!!!!

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nice work! i've been playing the lastest zelda nonstop recently! also, if you ever make 'painted' cookies again try putting down a white coat first. that's what i did when i made these  . my mom made me a donatello cake when i turned five 'cause i was obessed with the turtles and like your son, purple was my favorite.happy birthday lil' guy!


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What a wonderful memory to give your son!  I can still recall the themed birthday cakes my mom made for me, and, most recently, the 8 Game Cube cakes I helped my brother make for a party of his, which I was reminded of when I saw your Zelda cake =)

Happy 5th Birthday!