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It must be love

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It must be love

Lost in a lot of the glowing posts about wood fired ovens is the fact that most of them are outdoors and baking is if not weather dependent, it is weather affected. Here is a picture of my oven during the last bake during the heavy snow:

I don't have to worry about misting the bread in the 200 feet between the house and the oven. The final product turned out well in any case. In fact, I'm pleased to see that my baguettes are almost starting to look like baguettes:

These are all gifts for my wife to bring to work; her co-workers have made great guinea pigs for my many failures and few successes. Anyway, it must be love 'cause when it has to be ready Tuesday morning and it's snowing on Monday after mixing it Sunday it gets done.


I wish you well,


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Beautiful loaves Greg, and inspiring dedication as well.  I just love the "YUM" over the oven door.  And how!!

Blessings on you and yours too

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Gorgeous loaves!

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Congrats; that's some nice looking bread.

Looks like it may be time to do the dishes.

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bread looks great!  you're so lucky to have such a great oven. 

take care!


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Thank you for your kind comments! BTW: that side of the sink is for clean dishes:-)

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Nice looking oven and loaves gregnim. I am hoping to be baking a load or two myself this Thursday. Nice to have a toasty fire going when it's about 20 F outside, something to keep your fingers warm:).