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100% Whole-Wheat Apple Turnovers

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100% Whole-Wheat Apple Turnovers

Qahtan inspired me to make these...

I used Whole wheat pastry flour.

I think the ww pastry flour gave these a really nice flavour. They were yummy, can't wait to make these again :)

WW turnovers



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Wow, I’m mouth watering...


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Me too, Srishti, I'm drooling, those look great, you're giving me ideas...looks like you sliced your apples nice and thin so they probably didn't take as long to cook through.

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 Look good enough to eat,,, yum... qahtan

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Thanks you guys!!!!

We sliced the apples and cooked them a little bit with some honey and lime juice, so we didn't have to worry about the apples having to cook through while baking :)

(My husband did the apples and also the assembling of the turnovers :)