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Glass versus metal pans

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Glass versus metal pans

IU make bread for the family and am prefer not to use pans lined with teflon to make their bread.  I have used anodized pans that work well but am not exactly sure that is a much better option.  I bought some glass loaf pans to try them out.  Do they typically take longer time to bake than metal pans?

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On the contrary, glass bakeware usually bakes a bit faster than metal pans.  I often reduce the baking temperature by about 10% when using glass bakeware but not always.  Just expect your baked goods to cook a bit more quickly than usual and use an thermometer to check the internal temperature a bit sooner than you might normally expect to.

Never had any problem with glass (Pyrex) baking dishes.  Been using them for fifty years.

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It was CHOW, I think, that had a recent article about glass pans exploding in the oven or when set on the counter. We all know not to run cold water over hot glass, but apparently these incidents didn't involve water. Changes in the glass used to make the pans may be the culprit.

Could just be hysteria, but perhaps not. Worth investigating.

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gene wild

I have been using glass pans for some time now. The work just fine although I noticed that an amber wone that I have bakes a little faster than the clear ones.

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I  have metal pans and a 15 yr old Corning Ware . of the two I much prefer the Corning Ware.  Don't think it cooks any faster but definitely more even.  Can be used in  a cold oven or a preheated one .. both work dandy

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3 Olives

I have a lot of loaf pans. If I want a loaf to not stick and be the same color on all sides I go with the Williams - Sonoma Goldtouch.

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Cook's Illustrated agrees with you. This pan came out on top in a 2007 review of loaf pans. Pyrex glass pans came second.

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I just finished my annual Holiday ritual of baking 30 loaves of cheese bread in the same glass pyrex pans I've been using since the 1970s.  You do need to lower the recommended temperature somewhat, since the glass provides more thermal mass than metal pans.  After a soaking in hot, soapy water once they've cooled, cleaning is a breeze


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i used them last night to bake two of browndog's apple walnut loaves.  I dropped the temp by 25 degrees for most of the bake time then turned it up for the last 5 minutes to brown the top a bit more.


thanks for all the tips.