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Dresdner Stollen

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Dresdner Stollen

Used the recipe by harrygermany in this thread, comparing to the BBA version last year, this one is richer, denser, and more dilicious in my opinion.


Used osmotolerant SAF Gold yeast (24g) instead of the 84g of fresh yeast, the dough rose well and had great ovenspring - a little too much oven spring actually, I think a bit of proofing time wouldn't hurt. But the formula works great as is.

I waited for over a week before cutting open the first one, the other two are wrapped and frozen. Will cut another one around Christmas, the third one sometime next year to see how flavor develope. The generous amount of butter brushed on the finished loaves is really the key for great flavor, even after only "aging" for one week, I am impressed by how rich the taste is. The texture of the loaf is like a rich pound cake, or even a shortbread cookie! I prefer this one over the BBA version.


Submitting to Yeastspotting.


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Beautiful! Thanks for pointing out a great recipe.

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Thanks arlo, I love TFL, so many authentic great recipes are on here!

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Artfully done, as usual. It looks moist and delicious.


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Thanks Eric. My oven is getting a holiday workout here

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As usual.....