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Matt H


I used to love buying the delicious multi-grain breads that were so popular at New England bakeries. At my new home in Northern California, good multi-grain loaves are surprisingly hard to find.

So I set out to make my own multi-grain bread, and thought it would be fun to see how many I could pack into one loaf. Depending on how you do the math, this is about a 17-grain loaf. I don't think you get credit for both white and black sesame seeds, or for brown rice and pearl rice. This was mostly just for fun; I won't pretend that adding 2 tbsp of amaranth does much to change the flavor or texture of the loaf.

17-grain crust

17-grain crumb

A key ingredient is a product I found at a nearby Asian supermarket, the superlative 99 Ranch, a California chain. It's a product imported from Taiwan called Greenmax Fine Multi Grain, a blend of 8 whole grains (the berries, not ground into flour). It's mostly rice and barley seeds and wheat berries, but there are a few obscure grains in there. Job's tears or Gorgon Euryale seeds anyone? I cooked it like rice, and used it just like in Brother Junipers Struan.

The rest of the grains came from raiding the bulk bins at Berkeley Bowl (perhaps the world's best grocery store, if you can out-elbow the aggressive locals). Here are the 17 grains:

1. Wheat (white flour, whole wheat flour, and wheat berries)
2. Rye flour
3. Rice (brown and pearl)
4. Buckwheat
5. Barley flour
6. Sorghum
7. Pearl rice
8. Oats
9. Job's tears
10. Gorgon Euryale Seeds
11. Millet
12. Kamut
13. Cornmeal
14. Sesame seeds (black and white)
15. Suflower seeds
16. Qinoa
17. Amaranth

Anyone out there who can top this by making an 18-grain loaf? :)


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And your boule looks very pretty. I love a heavily seeded bread but I'm not going to top or even match the number of grains you used. You did, however, make me look up 'job's tears' and 'gorgon euryale'.

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Nothing succeeds like excess! Far from topping that, I haven't come close to it!

How was the flavour, BTW?


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Oh! So many grain.

I want to know if it's delicious? I have Gorgon Euryale Seeds. But I don't know if I can use in my bread. 


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Matt H

Thanks for the kind words all. Flavor is pretty good. I used a cup of 3-day old sourdough from the fridge, about a tsp of instant yeast, and a big dollop of malt syrup for a touch of sweetness.

Actually better the next day.

My first time making a loaf like this, I used brown rice and shredded Japanese nori seaweed. That one was inspired by bread I tried at a superlative restaurant called Murray Circle, at Cavallo Point just north of San Francisco. They make 4 or 5 fresh breads every day, and some of them were very creative.