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A quick and easy 40% rye - with pickle juice and dill

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A quick and easy 40% rye - with pickle juice and dill

Went to Seattle to visit my parents for Thanksgiving, made cookies, muffins, 3 different kinds of breads, with no evidence since I forgot to bring my camera. Oh well, they tasted good though! Came home on Sunday and need some bread for this week's lunch, but my starters are sound asleep in the fridge. Made this quick 40% rye from Dan Lepard's "A handmade loaf" using dry yeast. The liquid in the formula is dill pickle juice, boosted by some extra fresh dill, the loaf was very flavorful.


Cucumber Pickle Juice Rye (adapted from "A handmade loaf")

bread flour, 300g

rye flour, 200g (toasted at 400F for 15min)

fresh dill, 10g

instant yeast, 3g

salt, 8g

dill pickle juice 350g (I used 390g)

1. mix flour, dill and juice, autolyse for 40min

2. add yeast and salt, knead briefly

3. bulk rise for 2 hours, s&F at 30, 60, 90min.

4. divide into 2, shape each into batard, proof for 1 hour, didn't double, probably grew 50% at most

5. bake at 430F for 10min, 410F for 35min


It's a compact loaf, some discussion on Dan's forum seems to show the same result, but the oven spring was good, as shown by the scoring marks and nice "ears"

Tight crumb, which I expected with a quick 40% rye loaf, the flavor was nice and intense though

The book has a mistake in the amount of fresh yeast used - it should be 1.5%, rather than 1%, which means 7.5g fresh yeast, about 3g of instant yeast. However I wonder whether even more should be used, since the rise was slow and the breads are pretty small.

Following the book's advice, I made a rye flour glaze (2.5tbsp of rye mixed with 150g of water, heat until boiled while mixing continuously, brush the loaf with this paste 15 mins before the end of bake), It does make the loaf extra smooth and shiny, but the crust became a bit too chewy for my taste.

Sending this to Yeastspotting.


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delicious bread. Very brown color like chocolate cake.


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Hey nice to see you here!

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Nice loaf! Kind of reminds me of this recipe from KAF I made once - Sandwich Rye Bread KAF

So, what do you recommend pairing it with : )

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I made sandwiches with roasted beef, mustard, and some more pickles, very nice!

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Beautiful loaf txfarmer. I have looked at that recipe and even saved some pickle juice to make the dough but I didn't like the juice. There is such a wide variety of flavors of dill pickles. We usually get kosher or garlic dills. What did you use here?


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I used kosher dill pickles since that's what's in the fridge, the flavor mellows out quite a bit in the dough.

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Matt H

Great addition! I used pickle juice in a batch of marble rye a few weeks ago. Just the leftover juice from a jar of supermarket pickles, Vlasic or whatever. It definitely had garlic in it. It was probably the best-tasting rye bread I've ever had. It was so savory, really wonderful.

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My husband and I put up some mustard pickles, last year, as well as some dill pickles.  I'll have to try this with the mustard pickle juice...

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You got a far better result than the one time I tried this. I created a small stone as I recall.  I think you have to be really careful what pickle juice you use, and consider how salty it is, I think the one I used was very salty and hence got virtually no rise at all, it either slowed or killed the yeast ?

  I'm encouraged by this post to try again one day.


best wishes, Joanna