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narrow boat baking

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narrow boat baking

Has anyone here heard of or used a cooking device called a Remoska? They are supposed to be miserly with electricity and operate like a small oven - I wondered if I could do bread in one like the NYT method, but self contained?
The reason I want to know is, I shall be spending about 3 months a year on a narrow boat. If you haven't seen a narrow boat, click this link  

There is electricity, but the cooker runs on calor gas and I don't want to use the oven more than I need to - but I can't do without my sourdough bread! So any advice on energy efficient baking will be much appreciated! 

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Wow--that looks like a LOT of fun! I haven't heard of the remoska, though I have seen folks on sailing sites who bake with pressure cookers and/or dutch ovens. You might try asking in boat cruising-type forums.


One thought is a book by Lin and Larry Pardeys--long time live-aboards (and very fun books usually). They have a book called: Care and Feeding of Sailing Crew. She's very into frugal methods and improvising.


Of course, if you'll be travelling, it might be an excuse to put your culture in storage and try out some local bakeries! :)