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Bakign Stone

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Bakign Stone

I have a stone left over from my MIL's (Mother In Law) house. I also moved into a new house and have a new double oven. The stone its self is about 1.5 inches too long. This is not an issue if I leave it centered some and on the 2nd or 3rd shelf. It fits inside the cavity the window creates. The problem I want to solve is I either want a custom fitting stone (Well 2 so they are easier to store and use) that fits 100% of the flat surface of the shelf. I have seen a couple of people getting items from Home Depot but I am not sure what kind of material to look for. There are a few second hand (Recycled) building product stores in my area. I would like to go armed with the knowledge of what I am looking for. If I can find a stone bigger then my oven I can either rent a whet saw or take it to HD to cut. Can someone suggest what kind of material I can use.


PS I would also like to have the same setup on my outdoor grill.

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Mini Oven

you will find many answers.  Your stone should have room, at least an inch all the way around from the sides and door of the oven.  If it is too close, it will intervere with the thermostats and circulation inside the oven.