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Birthday Sweet Rolls...a shaping experiment

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Birthday Sweet Rolls...a shaping experiment

Hello, I wanted to try making something different for a birthday dessert.

I made a recipe of Ciril Hitz's Basic Sweet Dough & divided in two, one half for each 'number'.
Each half was rolled out and covered with roasted hazelnut paste, then rolled up and shaped.
I extended the first roll a bit to make it longer, so it would be long enough the shape the '8'.
I used two metal rings for the '8' and an oval cake pan for the '0' to maintain shape while proofing and baking.

(My recipe to make enough hazelnut paste for this experiment: 1.5 cups roasted, skinned, ground hazelnuts,
1.5 cups sifted icing sugar, a pinch of salt, 1/2 cup softened unsalted butter, enough egg white to make the paste spreadable).

These turned out rather large! In the picture, the 'rolls' are sitting on a 12x18 pan...

A decorated birthday cake would have been prettier but it was well received anyway!
Regards, breadsong



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Delicious too!  Our family sometimes get's tired of birthcakes..lot's of we like something different and your idea is very nice.  We like to have large fruit tarts when the fresh fruits are abundant.


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What a great idea.   I live at high altitude and cakes are much more problematic then yeast breads.  This is definitely on my list instead of birthday cakes.


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Bravo breadsong!  Well done.


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NICE " 80" Happy birthday 

  breadsong!!   I like it!   I want to eat it up! they look so yummy!!


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Sylvia, Pam. Larry and Akiko, I'm happy you liked the 'numbers'!
I wasn't sure if it would be silly to post about this one!    :^)
Honestly, Mr Hitz's basic sweet dough is a dream to work with.
It rolls out spectacularly well and you can get it nice and thin, so you can have a a nice balance of filling and 'bread'.
Thanks! from breadsong