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cast iron for cooking with

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cast iron for cooking with

I felt the NYT thread had got so long it was too much - hope I'm not treading on toes here... so I've put this again... And what's more, I can't stop this doing bold print.....(HOW do I stop bold print???!!!)

I've just made a sourdough loaf, 75% wholemeal, roughly following the NYT method. It worked brilliantly, excellent rise and wonderful looking / smelling loaf. I used the recipe I normally do but wetter. No problems with the Le Creuset (my oven only heats to 220° C). Also, I don't see a problem handling an empty hot Le Creuset - it's no worse than one full of hot food! It didn't mark or anything. Adding here - it tasted the best I've ever made. Slightly sour, bright - and slightly lemony
Thinking of trying baguettes in some pre heated (brand new and washed!) sections of cast iron guttering... should get an excellent oven spring and the shape of the guttering sections would stop the loaf from going flat or spreading....

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