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Whisper Mill Grinder, anyone use one?

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Whisper Mill Grinder, anyone use one?


Anyone have a whispermill grinder? I can get one used once and in the box for $178 plus shipping which comes to $190. It says it retails for $289.

Should I buy it?

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I bought one off eBay and like it.  It works as expected.  There are some that will brind a finer flour, but for my needs the WhisperMill works fine.

Be warned though, you need to have the motor running before putting in the berries or else it will freeze up when you turn it on.  Then you have to dig out the berries.

Other than that, I'm happy.


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Have had one for 15 years use it regularly and it works great being mindful of dlt123's comment.  Hundreds of pounds of flour put thru it.

There are parts avail still from the new company that took them over a couple of years ago.

There is a rubber plug that goes into the metal housing at the base of the grinding mechanism (internal).  If it comes out, flour will fly all over.  It is rare.  I took mine apart, cleaned it, then put a bead of silicon around the edge of the plug, reinserted, and it has worked fine since.  I still highly recommend it, but wanted to point out this nuance.  I would buy another if and when mine finally goes.  If you do not want it, I will buy it (for parts).  They are new for $240 on the web, so I think the price of $190 for used perhaps is rich.  But that is your call...



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It's only been used once, but I'm opting out and I am sure I will get the one that attaches to the Bosch Mixer at half the price and a warranty.