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Need suggestions on mixers

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Need suggestions on mixers


I'm trying to buy a new mixer for bread and laminated dough. I already have a kitchen aid for everyday use, and wanted to buy a good and strong spiral mixers with a reasonable price. I only bake for my family and friends, so looking into 8, 10 or 12 quarts size for 1-2 KG dough. Not sure what kind of brands is good out there, so I need everyone's help. I was looking to Eurodib, Anvil, Univex, globe or Centaur mixers. Does anyone familiar with those brands?

Thank you..

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Mixers is a topic that has been pretty thoroughly discussed here at TFL, so you might start out by doing a search using the TFL search bar.  You'll find lots of opinions and once you've explored those threads, do post any questions. 


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I will. Thanks. I'm new and still exploring the website.

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I got a 10 qt Anvil mixer about 2 years ago for making bagels at the local farmer's market. I destroyed my KA600 doing bagel dough, the Anvil is a countertop commercial mixer built for that kind of work My usual bread dough has about 2 lbs of flour in it (total dough about 3.25 lbs when liquid is added, I wouldn't go higher than that). It takes up about the same space as a KA600 but sits a few inches taller.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Just curious, do you use your Anvil to mix anything else? Or just strickly for bread dough?

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If you have any of the attachments to the Kitchen Aid you might want to research Hobart 10 quart C-100 or C-100T.  They have the same #10 hub as the kitchen Aid.  They haven't been manufactured in 20 years or more but are usually available on Ebay for $900 - $1100 if that's in your budget.

I have one that I really love.


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The church I loaned my C-100 mixer is in LOVE with it.  There are some that look good to me on Ebay right now I was looking at recently. 

When I say look good to me, I mean that from the descriptions the mixers work properly, although they may not be cosmetically perfect. 

You can always get a good working mixer painted, but you may find yourself in over your head trying to get a perfect looking mixer to perform well.  JMHO



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Hello Everyone,

Thanks for all the reply. I just moved recently, so It was hard to find time to go online. Although I have to admit everytime I look, it seems that it is much easier to find used Hobart 20 qt rather than the smaller one including other brands. Sometimes they even have the same price. So, I really dont know what to get now. 20 qt seems to be overkill for me, a home baker.

Thanks again, Everyone..

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I have seen 20 quarts cheaper on Craigslist sometimes.  Some important info for your decision is that the A200 20 quart weighs about twice as much at 200lbs and has a #12 hub.  The upside is attachments and bowls (both SS & Plastic) are much easier to find and cheaper.  Hope that helps.

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Okay.. So I went online last night and do more research. I like Hobart C-100, but some people had some problems with it. I'm afraid once its broken, I wont be able to fix it. Besides I dont have any attachment for my KA. I also got a chance to look at Hobart A-120 personally yesterday. It was a beauty. But not sure if I should get that. It's really heavy. Univex is also way too heavy for us. It might kill my husband's back. LOL..

I also looked at Anvil 10 qt,  globe 8 qt and Thunderbird 10 qt. I even called to ask about the thunderbird, and they recommended the Electrolux DLX instead. They said it is almost as good as any commercial stand mixers for half the price. Especially for a home baker like me.. Yikes, I even more confused. I want to invest a good mixer and ready to spend around more and less $1300.. 

So please help guys.... Thanks again..

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Reading your original post, I gather you want a mixer that can handle up to 2 kg of dough. The DLX or Bosch Universal Plus will handle this without even breathing hard. They can handle twice this weight, in fact. Getting a larger capacity mixer seems not only a waste of money but they are optimized for larger batches and may not mix your 2 kg dough as well.

If you have some compelling reason for getting a spiral mixer, that's another story. But why use an elephant gun to swat a fly?

Am I missing something?


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Yes, it's expensive and heavy.  Yes, it may be overkill.

But for mixing larger amounts of bread dough a spiral is just the thing.  Really.  I've used the big boys and loved them.  Now I have my own mini and while I'm having to adjust a few things, it is a joy.  It is a specialized tool that does a specialized thing very, very well. (And in the general price range that you mention)

SP-5 from TMB.  That's my bad boy...

Won't say you can't make good bread without one, because we all know that's not true.

Won't say any number of other mixers won't do a splendid job.

No, they are not for everyone, but if you want to mix doughs for bread like products, they will not disappoint.

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I'm familiar with the mixer. I go to SFBI classes once in a while. I love the people. Michel is such a nice guy. Anyway, I saw the SP5 from TMB. But too bad it is only have 1 speed. And I heard the cleaning process is hard, since you can't take the bowl out. But overall it really is a good mixer. SFBI even have a special student rate for it.

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Yes, too bad on that one speed, but I'm finding that it is a sufficient speed for getting good dough development.

Cleaning process - many spirals have fixed bowls so I've learned some tricks (Because I've had to clean big spirals) - Mostly, just after mixing, spray the bowl with water (you know from one of those pump sprayers...) and cover the bowl with a damp towel.  In 15 minutes or so, sponge the mixer bowl and spiral hook, use soap if you want and then sponge the thing again.  Use the wet towel to wipe out what you can reach.  Turn the mixer on for a brief time to expose parts of the bowl that were hiding behind the dough hook and repoeat the sponging/wiping in those areas.  Fold a paper towel int fourths, put it on the bottom of the mixer and turn the thing on to pick up anything hiding under the hook and done.

Sounds like a lot of steps, but they go fast and it's not too bad.  (Of course some days my alternative is hauling out the pond vac and cleaning the pond - so it may be relative.)  Not as easy as plunking the whole thing into the dishwasher, but I've heard the complaint that it is hard to clean also so I expected a lot more hassle than I found...

Good luck with your choice.  I am really enjoying my SP5.  I always wish that others should enjoy their choices as much as I do mine.  That's all that matters.

Happy Mixing!

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Thanks for tips. Lots of SFBI students love their SP5 mixers. You're right.. Everybody should enjoy their mixer. It is an expensive investment. Not to mention, they take alot of space in the kitchen.

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Hi David,

Yeah.. I only going to mix for up to 2 KG. Maybe more if we're going to have a party or something. But overall it is only for my family. I was told to buy about 8-10 quarts of spiral mixer. I go to baking classes once in a while, and love the 20 quarts spiral mixers. I always wanted to have a smaller one at home.

I will consider the DLX mixer. Have you use one before? Do you like it?

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Many of us have DLX mixers here (as well as the Bosch Universal). I have a love hate relationship with the dlx. I love the open top making it easy to monitor the dough, adding ingredients and so on. What I struggle with is getting it to mix without constantly having to intervene/help. THOUGH, I'm still learning (even after 5 years). Like, just the other day, I realized that making cookie dough is WAY better if I turn up the speed as it whips the butter off the beater. I've gone back and forth with the roller versus dough hook and today, I barely had to do anything with the roller and scraper, where the other day I had to 'help' every 10-15 seconds.

I keep looking at other mixers too and there are so many great options, but, besides the bosch and DLX mixers, you got to spend a lot more money and add a lot of bulk. Huh... I used to think the DLX was expensive - I guess it's all relative, because now I realize it's quite the bargain really.

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Yeah.. I read alot of DLX reviews in this website. Almost all of them said they have to babysit while it's mixing. Thanks for the reply. I will think about it.

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What follows is a list of 10-quart Web-offered stand mixers, arranged alphabetically by manufacturer with item weight, advertised cost and retail advertiser noted for each. Unless otherwise specified, prices are for new mixers.

I have no knowledge as to quality regarding any of these units. It seems difficult to get testimonials on mixers of this size, a fairly narrow niche between home and commercial baking applications. At these prices, it would be prudent to try before you buy.

(.com is implied in all retailers' names. Prices are current as of Nov. 5, 2010. Much of the following information is obtainable through

Good luck. Let us know what you settle on.

Anvil ⎯ 52 lbs. ⎯ $1,200 ⎯ Kirby Supply

Berkel FMS10 ⎯ 122 lbs. ⎯ $1,575 ⎯ KaTom

Centaur CEM110 ⎯ 166 lbs. ⎯ $855 ⎯ Restaurant Source

Eurodib/Linkrich ⎯ 128 lbs. ⎯ $943 ⎯ Amazon

General GEM110 ⎯ 166 lbs. ⎯ $937 ⎯ LionsDeal

Globe SP-10 ⎯ 132 lbs. ⎯ $2,028 ⎯ Burkett Restaurant Equipment, two others

Hobart C100 ⎯ 91 lbs. ⎯ $1,450 used (untraceable new) ⎯ eBay

Hobart HL120 (12 quart) ⎯ 189 lbs. ⎯ $4,413 ⎯ various

Uniworld UPM-10E ⎯ 198 lbs. ⎯ $823 ⎯ Amazon

Vollrath 4075 Dynasty Series ⎯ 52 lbs. ⎯ $1,000 ⎯ thewebrestaurant store

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Great summary Eidetix.  I would add there are refurbished Hobart C-100's on Ebay right now for $935. 

Also I would add Thunderbird to that list at 74 lbs and $1,150 new

Plus I saw a Thunderbird 10 Qt sell last week on Ebay used for I think $420. 

I believe the Anvil & Vollrath are the same mixer or at least built by the same company. 

I saw the Eurodib 10 quart on Costco's website for $799 with shipping and handeling included.  Sam's club has the Berkel at $1,660 with shipping included.

Wonderful to have so much to choose from.


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Thanks Eidetix & Surebeth.. Awesome list... It really helps...