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No Knead bread in Calphalon?

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No Knead bread in Calphalon?

I want to make the no knead bread that everyone seems to be having so much fun with. I use Calphalon cookware and have their dutch oven pot with a flat lid. I haven't seen anyone else mention this brand. it is heavy and dark, sort of black like cast iron. Does anyone have any experience in baking in this ? Thanks.

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Cliff Johnston

I don't use a Calphalon Dutch oven, but if it will take the heat of an oven it should work. The only question would be how it transmits/radiates the heat. I see someone else has posted that he/she uses and likes one.

I use a Lodge, cast iron, 7 qt., Dutch oven for large loaves of rye bread which I prepare using the no-knead method - love it. You will too. Go for it!

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I used the short stockpot (6-Qt, I think) from the Simply Calphalon line, with an all-metal (steel?) lid-- it worked very well, aside of my having burned myself pretty badly mishandling the screaming hot lid.

I imagine all the Calphalon pots of the appropriate size would work well, provided they don't have any plastic parts on the lid or handles, which I know some have. Also I would be leery of glass lids, but they may still work... I suspect your pot might have come with temperature rating info for that.