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Ciabatta - SteveB's formula & technique (breadcetera)

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Ciabatta - SteveB's formula & technique (breadcetera)

Hello, This Ciabatta is made using a double flour addition/double hydration technique, with thanks to SteveB - breadcetera!
Here's a link to SteveB's recipe and technique:

I did three stretch and folds during bulk fermentation (not following SteveB's instructions here!), thinking it might help add some air bubbles.
Apart from these S&F's and "gently" rolling the dough over onto the peel I tried not to handle the dough, for fear of degassing it. 
SteveB's instructions are to divide the dough but I baked it as one big ciabatta.
The bread puffed up nicely in the oven. I was hoping to find beautiful holes like Steve's when I sliced the loaf, but I still have room for improvement. I love how the bread looks and smells. Tasting will have to wait for another day.

Regards, breadsong






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yours has holes, my breads look rather like erasers, solid and lunky! And that isn't even a cibatta loaf, just any loaves.

this one looks good, maybe not as holey as some but hey you are getting there.