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Pictures of Team USA at Lesaffre Competition

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Sam Fromartz

Pictures of Team USA at Lesaffre Competition

Here are some pictures of the winning breads at the Coupe Louis Lesaffre Competition at IBIE from Team USA. They now go to the Coupe du Monde in 2012 in Paris to compete against 11 other national teams. Background on the competition process is here

Bread Sculpture, Harry Peemoeller, Team USA

Bread sculpture by Harry Peemoeller, instructor Johnson and Wales, Charlotte, NC



Mike Zakowski, The Baker (Bekjr), Sonoma, CA, with his breads


Team USA breads

Pictures of Mike Zakowski's breads.

One of Mike's entries was a loaf with type-80 wheat mixed with white flour and cracked spelt soaked in agave nectar for 12 hours. It was the best bread I had at the entire convention -- I think (there were many great breads). I asked him where he got cracked spelt, since I had never seen it. He said he grinds it himself with a hand grinder. Although he works at Artisan Bakers in Sonoma, he sells his own bread at a farmers' market in Oakland.

I did take pictures of the beautiful viennoiserie made by Jeremey Gadouas, a baker from Bennison’s Bakery, Evanston, IL, but they were too blurry.

Here are a couple of pictures of rye breads made by Jeffrey Hamelman of King Arthur.

Hamelman's 40% rye

Hamelman's 40% rye, it had nuts and dates I think but I may be wrong. 

Jeffrey Hamelman

Jeffrey Hamelman in a light moment

Hamelman's 60% rye

Hamelman's 60% rye, one barely viewed on left has sesame seeds.

Hamelman noted that he scores some ryes before proofing, to get more bloom in the oven at the cut. The first one pictured above was scored before proofing. 

Images: by Samuel Fromartz


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someone got there with a camera...


LindyD's picture

Spectacular stuff.  Love the presentation of Lady Liberty.

arlo's picture

Hamelman's ryes are gorgeous. Not to mention the array of breads Zakowski demonstrated.

Thanks for sharing!

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Debra Wink

Hi Sam,

It was so nice to meet you. My pictures at the competition weren't great, but I have a couple of the viennoiserie by Jeremey Gadouas and more of Mike Zakowski's breads that are passable with a little computer magic. The blue is a little much, but there's not a whole lot I can do with that ...

I had some of Jeffrey's rye with roasted walnuts. Yum!!!

All the best,
Debbie Wink