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Baker's Percentage Conversion Calculator

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Baker's Percentage Conversion Calculator


I'm a newbie who's created an OpenOffice/MSExcel speadsheet for calculating Baker's Percentages.

It calculates ingredients based on the weight of the finished bread desired and displays them in lbs, oz, gms, cups, tblsps, and tsps.

If you'd like to try it, use it, critique it, whatever send me a message.



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No charge Chrissie,

I did it more to gain an understanding of Bread Percentages than anything else.

I've found in life, the best way to learn is to Do.

I replied to the floydm email with the attachments, duh.

If you don't get them please message me here with your email address and I'll send them again.


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ken mitchell

Hi Jack

I would like to see what your bread bakers percentage work sheet looks like.



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Please add me to the list.


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Did anyone ever get this spreadsheet? Can someone share it with me, please?