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Baklava, in an Italian Recipe Box?

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Baklava, in an Italian Recipe Box?

This Baklava recipe isn’t overly sweet and for large group parties it is a winner.





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Thank goodness you said this wasn't too sweet..for a minute there I thought it might be fattening :)

I was just wondering the other day how you make these..thanks very much!

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what's the point?  I thought that sweet was what baklava was all about.  ;-)

It's been years since I've made any.  It's one of those things that I only want about once or twice a year, so making a big pan (haven't seen any small baklava recipes!) only makes sense if I'm making it for a crowd.  


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but I do agree that its never been in a small batch I've ever seen! I also agree its something I don't eat everyday, but then again I don't eat a lot of sweet stuff anymore since winding up diabetic, so to have a not so sweet recipe is good, especially since I can make it for a crowd and hope to have none left over!

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For me it is usually to sweet can only eat it once in a while. I usually only make it for a party because the recipes are very big. I have had some that I couldn't even finish one piece because it was far to sweet. I think this one is just right but that is my taste.  Some people like them soaking in the sugar and honey liquid.   

I don't see why you can't cut this recipe in half.