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100% WholeWheat Sandwich loaf

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100% WholeWheat Sandwich loaf

I Made the whole wheat buttermilk loaf from JMonkey's Biga method.

It turned out wonderful... Really nice texture... smooth...and freshfeel in the mouth... I am never buying sandwitch bread again.... :) This was exactly what I was looking for. Thanks JMonkey :)



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... looks fantastic! Isn't it a wonderful bread? It's good without the pre-ferment as well, but I'm of the opinion that especially with whole wheat, a pre-ferment really helps magnify and boost the wheaty flavor while dampening the bitterness of the bran.

Laurel and her cohorts never cease to amaze me -- I've not yet made a bread from their book that was a dud (well, except for the Desem, but that may be simply because I didn't give the starter time to develop. I've got some of my own starter mixed up thick and stiff working in my 54 degree (F) basement right this minute. I'm giving Desem another shot this weekend ...)

Just curious, Srishiti, did you use cups or weights? I use weights at home, so anytime I convert a recipe to cups for the site, it's bound to be suspect. If you used cups, that'll give me a bit more confidence in my conversion abilities ... :-)

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It is soooo delicious.... and the taste is wonderful, I can't get over it....

I'm glad over your comment on the Laurel book... as I bought one and am waiting for it :)

I cut down the recipe in half... ie, I made one loaf. And yes, I used cups.... I think in the end it is important to get the texture of the dough right. You just know it by the feel. unless it's something like a cibatta, where you need a certain big amount of hydration like 80% or something.... then it's probably good to have a scale.

My brother-in-law is sending me over a scale which he's not using, and then I'll start playing with the weights.

There are some recipes that only use weights like there is a whole spelt loaf recipe here that doesn't have cups, which I want to make soon as I get the scale!

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I'm relatively new here and am constantly amazed at the quality of bread my fellow blogs create. What a beautiful loaf you've created! It's Friday here and I can't wait to start my week-end baking projects. I'm making the levain after work tonight for Thom's country bread for baking tomorrow.

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Hello Trishinomaha,

I am pretty new here and to baking as well.... You can tell by the bread I created yesterday. To get a good lagth, go here.

All the best

Take Care